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Un cottage in stile farmhouse

Buon pomeriggio…

Farmhouse style per il cottage di Heidi…

I just want to say "thank you" for all of your kind comments on my previous posts & my quick IG story of our living room  I truly appreciate it!!! One of the comments I get most often when I share this space is what is the wall color? It's Stratton Blue by Benjamin Moore. My parents helped my paint this room about 4yrs ago and I still love this color  The other question that often comes up is where do I find the "stuff"? Well the simple answer is EVERYWHERE  The sofa, pillows, wicker rocker, leather chair (not shown) rug and lamps came from retail stores. Everything else came from thrift stores, antique shops & markets or the curb....I'm always looking for home decor and that includes bringing things home that others have put out at the curb  In this room that would include the gate on the mantel and the dresser that the television sits on. I'm a firm believer that creating your home requires more imagination than money!!! So put your imagination to work and see where it leads you!!!

Can cabin fever be a thing in the summer? It has been SO hot & humid that I've been spending my free time inside with the AC!!! On the bright's the first official day of summer vacation  Happy Friday!!!

The view from the entry: The living room is to the right and over the years I've had a love/hate relationship with this room / It's a large room, 12x18 ft with cathedral ceilings. However when we moved into this home, 10yrs ago, where to place the furniture gave me some challenges because of the placement of the windows, doorways and the fireplace (out of view, but you can see it by scrolling through my account if you're interested). I had the sofa floating in the middle of the room, facing the fireplace, but it wasn't conducive to watching tv.....and when watching "The Real Housewives...." comfort is key  so the sofa was moved to this wall and has been there for years. I've had 2 different sofas, 3 different coffee tables, 3 different tv stands, 2 different rugs and countless accessories and finally I have a set-up that I'm happy with, but it took a lot of failed attempts to get there. So don't get discouraged if you aren't in love with your space....give it time and don't be afraid to experiment moving things around & shop your home. You might be amazed at what a difference a small change can make  *I added a quick video of this space to my IG story if you want to see the entire room

When the sun comes out, after hiding for several days, you embrace it....shadows & all!!! Sharing a different view of our dining room looking into the living room  #mycottageinstincts

I spent almost the entire day transferring the glass prisms from the chandelier I posted last night, onto the dining room chandelier. However as I was putting the last one in place, another fell off and broke.....and I don't have any spares. Sigh..... Oh well, I'm sure I'll find another one if I look hard enough and I'd rather focus on the 55 prisms that didn't fall off ✨✨✨ Sharing our dining room that is full of vintage treasures for #cottonstemheartsvintage & #showusthevintage #mycottageinstincts

Happy Monday  Can you believe 4th of July is NEXT Tuesday????? Yesterday I went to visit Deb @saffroncoloredpony & Lori @chicantiquesoxford at their monthly vintage market. Check out their pages to make sure you get the info on all of their future vintage markets!! There are SO many great items and everything is really well priced!!We had such a fun time chatting, laughing and sharing stories of some of our favorite spots for thrifting & junkin'. They are two of the nicest women and it's always so great to meet IG friends in person!! I picked up this blue tin while I was there. SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ to see the text on it. For now it will hold flags and afterwards I think I will take my daughter's advice and put some hydrangeas in here.....mine are starting to flower . *I was tagged by two sweet friends, Donna @rusticmoderncharm & Jana @janajgraf, who have started a new hashtag with two other fun ladies, Kelly @deerfieldfarmhouse & Mia @livethesterlinglife, #perfectlypatina  I think this blue tin has just the right amount of aged patina  Hop over to their accounts to get the hashtag details so you can play along.

There's nothing like starting the day off with sunshine ☀️ It's an instant pick-me-up!!! Before I cross some things off my "to-do list" I wanted to share for #ironstonewednesdays (thank you for the tag Linda  @partial2patina). I've never displayed much of my ironstone collection in the living room, but when I was moving things around and trying to create a lighter, brighter look for summer, I decided to move some pieces into this space. I added a little blue glass and starfish, because as much as I adore simplicity.....I just always have to add "just a little more!"  Maybe someday I'll learn to stop. Until then.....#cottonstemheartsvintage

It has been a gray & rainy day!! So much rain that it closed down some of the freeways in the Detroit area and they say more rain is on the way ⛈ Fortunately for me there's IG and sweet friends who have kindly tagged me to share for some fun hashtags!!! Thank you for thinking of me Holli @beesnburlap, Kim @kim_jameslanecottageco and Michele @farmhousebutnotafarmhouse. . . 
You've all seen my vintage, rolling, wooden baker's rack many times. It's one of my favorite pieces and something that had been on my junkin' bucket list for awhile. I had actually found one at one of my favorite antique shops but when I looked at the tag it had the dreaded "NFS" tag on it  So this spring my "junkin' partner in crime/best friend" and I hit one of our favorite outdoor antique markets. We usually give each other a little run down of anything that we might be looking for...two pairs of eyes are better than one   I had mentioned a few items that are always on my junkin' list and this rack was one of them. After walking around for an hour or so, she spotted IT!!!! A sweet older couple had decided to downsize some of their collections and this rack was displaying some of those items. It was tagged at $100, which, based on what I had seen looking online, was a good price. However I was compelled to ask if that was their best price and he told me to make an offer. Does that make anyone else nervous? I never want to offend the seller, but of course I always hope to get a great price. So I asked if they'd take $80......? DEAL  So glad for my friend's eagle eyes and the seller's willingness to negotiate!!!! It's a great place to display my thrifted ironstone & tarnished silver. Sharing for #myjunkinfinds #onthejunkintrail #ijusthadtohaveit #mythriftedthursday #thriftscorethursday #decordaythursday. Would you care to share for any of these hashtags? Candye @always_refreshing & Laura @yellowcottagenc

As I look around the house it's becoming clear to me that I've run out of flat surfaces..... Sharing my silver trays for #thursdaytrays and some ironstone platters for #showusthevintage (thanks for the tag Debra ) Have you shared for either/both today? Pam @pixiegurrrrrl & Kim @myoldredbrickhouse

It wasn't sunny today so I was surprised when I took this photo and saw how bright it was.....must be the glare coming off of the snow.....❄️ Tagged by the talented Sylvia @slcook52 to share for #milkglassmonday. I'm currently keeping my thriftstore flatware in this milkglass planter on top of my World Market faux jadeite cake stand. I absolutely love the real deal, but I'm asking myself "Do I really need to start another collection?" To be continued....... Do you have some milkglass to share? Consider yourself tagged!!!

Renovating our kitchen was something that I wanted to do from the day we moved in. Well I finally got my wish and we tackled it last spring.....but it still isn't complete  I feel like a broken record every time I say that, but it's true. The cabinets need trim, the beadboard backsplash needs paint & trim, etc. So I'll focus on the things that I enjoy like the farmhouse sink, countertops and the gray cabinets. Which is my segue to remind you that you still have until 8pm EST to share something GRAY for #colorhop. There have been some gorgeous spaces shared ☑️ Keep them coming!!! Please remember to tag us so we don't miss your photo (tap pic for hosts names).

Today is the last day of school, which means tomorrow morning I will be sleeping in!!! Yay for summer vacation  
Sharing another find from "the amazing sale" that I've mentioned in my last two posts. 
When I saw this folding 2 seater (I've seen them referred to as theater seats) I rushed right over to them. This is another item that has been on my junkin' bucket list for awhile. However the ones I'd come across in my search were either in really rough shape, too costly or a combo of both. These are in great shape, with one small chip on one of the seats. I held my breath as I looked at the price tag...$40. Sold!!!! I really didn't know where I'd put them but I figured I'd find a place. I got home, did a little furniture shuffle and they've found a home in our bedroom  #cottonstemheartsvintage #showusthevintage #mycottageinstincts

Sharing a different view of our bedroom. When you have a small home it can be a challenge to show something different here on IG, so when possible I'm going to try and show my rooms from different angles. If you're interested, you can scroll through my page to see this room from the opposite corner. :
Tagged by Allison @fixitchick to share for #myshabbycottage. I recently updated our master bedroom with new bedding, a few accessories and this chandelier ✨ The cabinet came from the basement of a friend's new home. When they moved in two years ago, this piece was left behind in the basement. It was an awful shade of red (you can see a "before" if you scroll back through my account). My friend said I could have it or they would put it out at the curb. Well you all know how much I love a good junk find.....I just happened to get this one before it made it to the curb!!! Would you like to share for the hashtag? @ourcraftsmancottage

SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ for more pics  So I've decided to continue the home tour I started last week for a couple of reasons: 1) I don't really have anything new going on to share and 2) I, personally, love to see an entire room and how it relates to the other spaces in the house, and I thought you might enjoy that too. I've tried to show that with photos (check out my previous posts if you're curious) and IG stories. 
This is our guest room  You can see the doorway to this room when looking at the plate wall in our dining room. When we moved into our home, this started out as our daughter's room. Years ago I decided to switch up all of the bedrooms but I've never gotten around to painting this room. I found these buffalo check panels at Walmart right after we made the room switch, so the color has been fine. However, the walls (as well as the ceilings) are full of nail holes from when it was our daughter's room. Soooo I really need to fill those and paint over everything. I'll just add it to the list of ALL of the other things that need painting!! This room is small and this is really the only furniture arrangement that works well. We used to have a pretty iron bed in here, but the footboard extended about 4-6" past the end of the mattress and in this small space that made a big difference, so we went with a bed frame only. A little info on the other furnishings in here. The green cabinet was my 2nd wedding anniversary gift. The blue trunk, at the end of the bed was purchased at an antique shop & was our previous living room coffee table. The wicker chairs, that I use as nightstands, were purchased at a recycling center. I loved them, but didn't have anywhere to use them. So I repurposed them as nightstands and hung some clip-on workshop lights for bedside lighting. The blue dresser came from the thrift store (already painted that color) and the mirror was given to me by a neighbor. The wicker rocker came from my parents house. This room is true reflection of using what you have. Other than the curtains, lights & paisley pillow shams, nothing in here was bought for this room. I looked at items I already had and found a way to use them to create a cohesive space

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